Travel Day 2

In an effort to reduce jetlag since this is only a three day trip, I opted to get up at the same time I would at home. That means I was up ‘early’ here and had time to get in my training, and a shower as well as some journaling time before heading out to the conference. That feels really good. I’m not sure it would be worth getting up early at home with a commute, but it feels great today!

An update on yesterday’s ‘reception:’ the only thing I could eat was some carrot sticks and celery that went with the buffalo wings. Everything else had either dairy or gluten or both. Good thing I brought stuff with me!

The same has been true today as well. While I did have a lovely salad with vinaigrette, and some roasted veggies, that was a) not enough to last long, cause veggies, and b) doesn’t contain the fats and protein that are part of a person’s daily needs. I did bring my own food, so I was able to supplement that with some nuts and seeds.

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