i will speak my truth
without hesistation.
maybe you will like it.
maybe you will hate it.
if i let that shape me
i am not me, and this
would not be
my truth.


impossible tasks?
i do ten before breakfast.
unthinkable challenges?
i've got you covered.
challenging connundrums?
i'm your go to.
no word of thanks?
go fly a kite.


i just need you to do 
one thing. yes, i know it's
last minute, but it's 
important. oh, and this 
too. hey, did you do that
other thing i asked for
yesterday? of course it 
is important! it's all 
top priority!


sit and focus on your breathing
allow your mind to drift
let it touch on what you have to do
or scream about the waste of time
let it dwell on the wrong 
done to you
or by you
watch it carry on
and breath


learning to live
present in each moment
accepting the words as true
though the bite stings in old wounds
feel the rawness
the tender edges
they will heal