same old

another day of
same old, same old.
get up, go to work,
handle fires, answer
email, write up detailed
see the new flowers
emerging, feel the sun
on your face, laugh with
friends, enjoy the commute
it’s lighter than usual.
another day of
same old, same old


Today’s meditation was wonderful. I entered a place where the general distractions of life, the background noises, the cats, the talking, none of it penetrated to the place where I was safely drifting with myself.

Sadly, I cannot report to you that I did anything differently today than I did yesterday, or the day before, but today it worked.

I don’t know whether it was this meditation, or meditation in general, but I did also manage to deal with a difficult emotional situation without breaking down or feeling utterly crushed.

Let’s see where this journey leads.