My daughter once told me that in Latin, perfect is defined as ‘to complete.’ Twenty years ago I was a perfectionist. I had plans, order, organization and I wanted everything to perfectly fit my design. I worked constantly to maintain this structure and coerce my life.

Ten years ago, a single parent, I was well into rearing my children and I was struggling daily for perfection. I was worn raw and struggling each day with my own constant failures. I was often brought to tears and desperately wanted to shoulder some of the burden.

Today, I am learning to let go of my perfectionism. I meditate, create zentangles, color in coloring books, and constantly remind myself htat I do not want to be complete. I want to learn something new each day. The purpose of this life is the daily journey…if I were to complete that successfully, then I would be done…but I have so much yet to do and learn and see.

Our society teaches us to constantly stive for perfection but we are doomed to fail and then we are chastised for it. Shouldn’t we instead strive to live?


Sometimes, as you go through your day, you are struck with some truth. Here is the nugget of truth that I read today, “pleasing others is not the same as helping others.”

There is simply no way to elaborate on that statement. I have been a people pleaser all of my life, but it was always done with the belief that I was trying to help. Today I read this and realized that I have been doing it wrong all along. ~whew~ What a weight off. No wonder I have been failing! Now that I understand I can change my actions and maybe…finally…help.

What’s on My Plate?

I am re-envisioning this blog. I pursue many interests and I hope to make this a log of both the books I read and review, and my other learnings. You will note that rather than reviewing the books on this site I link to the reviews I place on Goodreads. I also post to LibraryThing, and Amazon.

I am now in my final semester at San Jose State University and will be earning my MLIS soon. I am very much looking forward to starting on a career of service.