sit and focus on your breathing
allow your mind to drift
let it touch on what you have to do
or scream about the waste of time
let it dwell on the wrong 
done to you
or by you
watch it carry on
and breath

Travel Day 3

Using my ‘get up like you were in your native time zone’ theory, I got up and got in my hatha yoga session this morning before my shower. I got down for the transport to the conference and found the same, not really healthy breakfast. I was weak. I got a bran muffin to go with my fruit and granola. They offered fruit for snacks so that was a plus.

I leave for home tomorrow morning. I think I have time before leaving to get in my workout routine before the flight. I’m not sure about the food. It’s a direct flight but not a short one, so I will see what I can find in the airport. If not, I have some snacks set aside.

Travel Day 2

In an effort to reduce jetlag since this is only a three day trip, I opted to get up at the same time I would at home. That means I was up ‘early’ here and had time to get in my training, and a shower as well as some journaling time before heading out to the conference. That feels really good. I’m not sure it would be worth getting up early at home with a commute, but it feels great today!

An update on yesterday’s ‘reception:’ the only thing I could eat was some carrot sticks and celery that went with the buffalo wings. Everything else had either dairy or gluten or both. Good thing I brought stuff with me!

The same has been true today as well. While I did have a lovely salad with vinaigrette, and some roasted veggies, that was a) not enough to last long, cause veggies, and b) doesn’t contain the fats and protein that are part of a person’s daily needs. I did bring my own food, so I was able to supplement that with some nuts and seeds.

Travel Food

I am traveling for work this week. This will be a true test to my ability to maintain my Vegan dietary choices in the wild. For lunch today, in the Denver airport, I found a sweet potato curry and a green salad with sun dried tomatoes and a balsamic vinaigrette. It was decent. I added a protein bar as well since that meal is pretty light on nutrients. I did bring some ‘healthy’ packaged snack foods on the trip. I was concerned about being hungry and reducing willpower.

I have dinner to go and I will be heading out soon. The conference meet and greet will be in a bar with, well, bar food. I really hope I can find something to eat there! So far I have been pretty good [despite watching a co-worker eat a crepe with Nutella and whipped cream!]. I am proud of me.

Phase 3: What?!?

I’m assuming there will be a phase three, but if so I haven’t tackled it yet. I already make sure I get enough sleep. I think that would be a phase 3 for most people. I have a regular bedtime and wake up time. I may sleep in an extra twenty minutes on the weekend, but that’s about it. Others probably find it boring but I am a huge fan of routine. It’s what helps me to remember each of these new healthy habits and get them done.

This morning, for example, I got up to my alarm [I use one that uses light before sound], did a little yoga [I mean like 5 minutes of stretches], took my shower, dressed, and headed out to work. I could do that because I had packed my lunch the day before and picked my clothes.

I know some like to work out first thing in the morning, and honestly I do too, but I don’t want to add to my commute to and from work by leaving later, and getting up earlier would mean I have less time with my family. This way I can train after work and them make dinner so that when the family does get home we have a few hours of time to spend together. So to make sure I get in everything that is important to me, I think it all through, make a schedule and stick with it. That removes the will power component. I know just what I am going to do.

Phase 2: Movement

After a month of eating well with the new diet, I had some energy to burn.  I have been doing yoga for decades and I still had/have a daily yoga practice. I had been doing 35 minutes a day on a high beginner level. Since I am getting older, I figured I should start doing some strength training so I joined the local community center. They have free weights, weight machines, an outdoor fitness center, pools and group classes. Since it was strength I was after, my first stop was the weight machines.

I opted to train Mondays and Thursdays on arms and Tuesdays and Fridays on legs. The first week I was pretty worn out after the workouts. I biked to and from the location [it’s about a mile and a half from my house] so leg days could be a bit of torture. I did my best to conscientiously add weight when it got easier. Even with that, I felt like I hit a plateau. I don’t want to be cut. I was more aiming for endurance and to maintain. I did it religiously from the first week of June until the last week in August. By mid-August I knew that I needed to find a better way to train. I was having to spend over an hour at the center four days a week in order to feel like I was getting a good work out, and I really didn’t feel like I was making much progress. That said, I was able to go up to intermediate yoga practices.

Then I found NerdFitness and started their training program.   It’s a strength training community, but it’s also a motivational life focus group. I have been doing that program now for three weeks and I feel so much stronger and healthier. I can really see the difference in my body already. Mind you I am older, so it’s not always pretty, and I’m just loving it! One of the reasons I was drawn to it was Steve’s assertion that weight machines are not healthy because they make your body fragile. Because you don’t use all the muscles when you’re building strength, you build in fragility. Makes so much sense! And I can feel every one of those muscles. Once again I will speak to how it impacted my yoga. I have had some grueling practices but I have moved up to 40+ minutes daily, and while it’s still tough, I have done it! I can complete it.