how often do we stop
enjoying the little things 
that surround us each day?
the taste of the tea
the smell of wisteria blooming
the feel of the sun on shoulders
the sight of a tree wreathed in green
the sound of the birds welcoming spring
how often do we stop?


i will speak my truth
without hesistation.
maybe you will like it.
maybe you will hate it.
if i let that shape me
i am not me, and this
would not be
my truth.


sit and focus on your breathing
allow your mind to drift
let it touch on what you have to do
or scream about the waste of time
let it dwell on the wrong 
done to you
or by you
watch it carry on
and breath


learning to live
present in each moment
accepting the words as true
though the bite stings in old wounds
feel the rawness
the tender edges
they will heal


i watch as my mind cycles 
through its habitual twists and
turns. i see how one event
is good then bad then good. 
the truth is neither good nor bad
but the mind can make it seem so.
better to just watch as my mind cycles
free from that neverending spin.


stop to breath.
feel the breeze
tickle the hairs on your hand.
smell the home cooking
so good you can 
practically taste it.
hear children laughing as
they make up new
rules to old games.
see the love the world