i watch as my mind cycles 
through its habitual twists and
turns. i see how one event
is good then bad then good. 
the truth is neither good nor bad
but the mind can make it seem so.
better to just watch as my mind cycles
free from that neverending spin.


you worry what others think until
it overtakes your life
driving you to say, do and be
things that you are not.
too much you say
one day
which feels like all the rest to
me and other observers.
a ray of golden sunlight
passing through dismal 
gray clouds and
i finally get to see you.


stop to breath.
feel the breeze
tickle the hairs on your hand.
smell the home cooking
so good you can 
practically taste it.
hear children laughing as
they make up new
rules to old games.
see the love the world 

Travel Day 3

Using my ‘get up like you were in your native time zone’ theory, I got up and got in my hatha yoga session this morning before my shower. I got down for the transport to the conference and found the same, not really healthy breakfast. I was weak. I got a bran muffin to go with my fruit and granola. They offered fruit for snacks so that was a plus.

I leave for home tomorrow morning. I think I have time before leaving to get in my workout routine before the flight. I’m not sure about the food. It’s a direct flight but not a short one, so I will see what I can find in the airport. If not, I have some snacks set aside.