the point

do you have time to
stop and smell the roses
or admire the play of
the sun against the
clouds as it rises
or hear the birds
proclaim their joy
or feel the brush of
cotton against your skin?
no? then what is the point?


waxing philosophical about
what motivates people. why do we
jump to conclusions, not listen, when
friends share with us? why do we
feel it is our right to voice our opinion
when we didn’t take the time to
become familiar with the topic first? why do we
judge others in ways we do not
judge ourselves? why do we
not see the suffering we create
when we treat our friends like
internet trolls? why do we
not consider the feelings we might
be hurting…


do you take the time to ponder
choices you made
or actions you took?
not in a critical way…
i should have…
why didn’t i…
when will i learn…
in more of a
how did i get here from there?
why did i make that choice
when it is so far from my norm?
gathering insights into
the beautiful you these
choices have shaped.


life is not practical.
messy and awkward,
sweaty and stained;
life is the way you live it.
do you embrace the little joys
the celebrations, the flowers,
the love?
do you aim for a life free of
mistakes, failures, and accidents?
do you struggle to control
and dictate actions and feelings?
life is the way you live it.
sweaty and stained,
messy and awkward;
life is not practical.


often in the passage
of time i do not
notice how far i
have come.

so caught up in where
i am going i do not
stop to celebrate the
victories accomplished.

i want to slow down.

i want to celebrate
life each day, see
where i have been
and where I am as well
as where I am going.

i want to enjoy each step.

now is the time to begin
with this celebration of
the gift given to me…
this life.


do you have direction?
north, south, east, west,
which combination are you?
up, down, sideways, diagonal,
maybe those are better for you?
do you allow yourself to combine
any or all of these? others?
do you pick them as you go
or plan them all out in advance?
sometimes it’s overwhelming.


how do you know
the difference between
persevering and stuck?
is it as simple as striving
for something you desire
versus fear of change?
persevering is a noble word
but isn’t it also selfish?
if you are afraid
would you listen to your inner voice
when it told you so?
isn’t it all just perspectives
and aren’t they fluid?


I was taught to reach

never rest on your laurels

work hard to see reward

make it happen


when is the time to stop

look at your accomplishments

smile and be grateful?


I am learning to appreciate

my Walden Pond

as I walk and live

in this moment


feeling the web
connected to
everything that is
ever was
is yet to be

matter is finite
neither created
nor destroyed

the matter which
together becomes ‘me’
has been here all along
will be a part
of something

I am nothing
I am everything
neither created
nor destroyed