feeling the web
connected to
everything that is
ever was
is yet to be

matter is finite
neither created
nor destroyed

the matter which
together becomes ‘me’
has been here all along
will be a part
of something

I am nothing
I am everything
neither created
nor destroyed


do you work for a living?

or for a career?


work to live or live to work?


work life balance they say

but what does that mean?


does it mean today what it meant

yesterday, or last year?


do you love what you do

to earn your money to live?


do love and money mix?

A New Day

I set myself a goal of reading some classics as well as some of the important documents of history. I have been reading letters by some of the gentlemen that were participatory in the foundational documentation of the United States. It astonishes me how much thought was given to the decision to develop our own form of government. My respect for how the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were debated and created, has increased exponentially since beginning my reading. I highly recommend doing your own homework on this issue.

Winter’s Arms

I find myself today in the grip of winter. The temperatures have dropped, and while it is hardly cold by U.S. standards, but those of us with thin Southern blood, it takes its toll. We huddle inside looking at the gray through the window and watch the dead, but not fallen, leaves move with the breath of wind. We are so lucky to have the refuge of a warm building and appropriate clothing.


When you get an email from a company, do you expect it to call you by name? Do you expect an offer tailored to you specifically? One that offers you a discount on something you have looked at or even bought? Do you want the company to treat you as the unique individual that you are?

When you communicate with your friends, do you post to Facebook or some other form of social media? When was the last time you emailed an individual?

There is a certain irony in expecting a company to treat us as individuals when we seem to no longer be interested in treating those we care for as individuals. I mean…does my company care for you more than you care for your bestie?


I work in a large, corporate marketing department. I have observed, over the last few years, that there is tremendous pressure to remain upbeat and positive at all times. It is also a seeming requirement to be hyper-competitive and overbearing. I find this environment almost unbearably grating. I wonder how many others here feel that way.


You are never too old to learn to accept yourself.

I have spent years of my life trying to learn how to fit in with those around me. I’m not talking about becoming popular. I am talking about learning how to emulate the behaviors that are considered societally acceptable. This is not to say that I am an inherently violent, or rude person. I have always just been ‘weird’, ‘awkward’, ‘too sensitive’, or any number of other descriptors which have labelled me as ‘other.’

In trying to help my daughter in her similar struggles, I discovered Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD]. Without seeing a specialist for an official diagnosis, I know that I have found my label. I have found my community…my family. I am old enough to know that I was never really alone, but it still felt that way. Now though, I know that I am a part of a community of individuals who simply do not fit the profile of the majority. I have found my niche. It is a tremendous relief.

It is my intention to get diagnosed. I am highly functional, so it technically isn’t necessary for my day to day life, but I still want the diagnosis. Why? I am still working on that answer.

Reaching for Joy

I believe that you cannot find joy in everything or even in each day, but I do believe in reaching for joy. When you are having a bad day, you can choose to turn your eye from the perceived bad and gaze at the perceived good. Some days, it’s really, really tough, but it is always rewarding.

It’s Done

Congratulations to all those who voted. Another election participated in and survived. You now have four years to observe and learn before doing it all again.

In two years you have the opportunity to help course correct if you feel it’s appropriate.

Either way, you get to vote. You get to cast your ballot and be assured that in two years you will be safe to do it again.

And for those who did not vote. You have two years in which to keep your lips tightly sealed, register to vote if you have not, and think about how your vote could have made the difference.


I am taking a course in philosophy from EdX. So far it is very interesting. They are discussing some of the historical philosophical arguments at the moment and while on the surface they seem pretty silly [have you ever tried to prove to yourself that you exist? Really?], the basis for the concepts is valid and really quite interesting.

Given the arguments they are proposing it appears that absolutely nothing can be proven conclusively. There is a point at which you have to decide a standard for taking things on faith. I suppose that’s why it is often considered a soft science like psychology.

Civic Responsibility

Have you voted yet? One of the greatest privileges of living in a republic is the right to vote. It is more than a privilege, however, it is also a responsibility. It is your responsibility to stand up and cast  your ballot in order to shape this country. It is not about who you vote for, but that you voted that matters.

I live in a state where my vote will most likely not affect the results, and yet I still cast my ballot. I thank the women that made sure I had the right to do that and I thank those who struggled to found our system of government for their efforts on behalf of us all. I thank those who sacrifice every day to keep the country on track; the police, the military, the teachers, and so many more.

Please, vote. Cast your ballot. Fulfill your civic responsibility.


I work in an environment that does not, in my opinion, encourage thought. Yes, they want you on your ‘A game’ at all times. Yes, they want your educated opinion. What they do not seem to want is your considered opinion. Given quiet time to contemplate, or better yet being allowed to sleep on a problem does slow down the process. Is that bad?

We are told that our economy is growing at around 2% more or less. Some say that is wonderful news, others are appalled that we are not at 5% or more. We learned that the higher the percentage the less sustainable the growth, and yet we all want more. Speed over accuracy. Quantity over quality.

I am someone who believes that the tortoise really did win the race…it wasn’t a conspiracy. Slow, steady work leads to well thought out and considered results that repeat each and every time they are called upon. Everything should not, and really cannot, be a crisis. Slow down. Breath. Let your email sit a bit. Enjoy your meal. Listen to your co-worker. Enjoy what you are doing right now. Take the time to think.