a new leaf appears
vultures spreading their wings in the sun
tiny lizards flee giant feet
poignant twinge of an old wound never quite healed
sun on your face in winter's chill
breath awareness into each miracle


The lamps are different, but the light is the same.


I find Rumi to be both enlightening and uplifting.

We, each of us, have a light inside of us. Maybe this light is the fire of life, our eternal soul, or some other label we have created, but no matter how we label it, we recognize it in ourselves and in others. As we rush through life, we rarely take the time to recognize the light in those we interact with, nor do they recognize ours. We each look different, but the light from within proves that we are all fundamentally the same.

Today, as you go through your day, take a few moments with each person you meet to see their light. You do not need to tell them you have done it, or acknowledge it out loud. Just slow down enough to see our connection.


Welcome, Autumn!

Today is the day to celebrate the autumnal equinox [at least in the northern hemisphere]. With nearly equal parts light and dark, it symbolizes a balance in the world that is often lacking. It is a time to be grateful for the abundance of light in the summer and to look forward to the quiet introspection of the fall.

Autumn has always been my favorite season. I enjoy taking the time to enjoy the diminishing light, the colors of trees and flowers as they prepare for winter. I like the slowing pace and the milder temperatures. For me the season invites reflection on the frenetic activities of spring and summer.

Take some time today, or make some, to find that balance in yourself. Use this day as a transition day, with one foot in each season, before moving to your fall mindset.

Indigo Meditation

Last night I meditated. As I was sitting quietly and focused on my breathing, I noticed that I felt surrounded by a deep blue light. The light would quiet and then intensify, quiet and then intensify [and no, it wasn’t outside my window or from electronics!]. As I researched the chakra associated with blue, at first I thought that this was somehow connected with my throat chakra. Now, after more research I have decided that it was the deep indigo of the sixth chakra, the third eye, or Ajna.

The third eye chakra is said to represent intuition and insight, and to inspire mental clarity and purpose. Being awash in indigo though…what does it mean?

I tend to be in my head a great deal. I am a thinker far more than a doer. I consider my options, contemplate my outcomes, imagine everything I could possibly worry about so that I can worry more effectively.

I choose to believe that this was a message from my intuition to my conscious self. A rather loud and intense message. It’s time for my intuition to have a chance. It’s time to listen more to my own instincts and trust them. My head is great, but it does not have all of the correct answers.

I’m not suggesting that will miraculously start listening to my inner voice and following my own instincts today, or even tomorrow. What I am suggesting is that I want to take some time to listen to the less ‘rational’ parts of myself and stop trying to think everything to death. It’s time to take a few leaps of faith and embrace my more instinctual knowledge. It’s time to trust and relax into life…and enjoy this journey.


Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

– Buddha

Yesterday was the new moon. As I am learning in my Pagan studies, this is considered a time of renewal and the start of new things. As the light of the moon increases, we welcome new things into our lives.

During my meditations and devotions I set my intention. My intention was to be open to the messages and lessons that are sent my way this month. I tend to be very practical and logical, so I am not always aware of, or open to, what the Universe has to say. Then I want to sleep.

I woke early…before my alarm. As I lay there wondering what woke me, a very clear thought formed in my head. The thought was, ‘Appreciate what has been, but remember that it is the past. In order to find those feelings now, look to the now.’

I knew that this message was about a specific friendship that used to be more. I want that feeling of closeness that used to exist. I can remember, very poignantly, how it felt. That feeling is gone and has been replaced with distance. I have been clinging to that past in the hopes of reviving it but I am alone in that desire.

This morning I was compelled to look up the quote for the day and Buddha reinforced the message.

I want to feel that unconditional love and acceptance. I want to be appreciated and cherished. Rather than dwell in the past where I felt that, or dream of a future where I will feel that again, I need to live in today and look for those feelings here. When I find them, I can nourish them and help them to grow. Maybe it starts with me…

A Theme

In each of my pursuits I am encouraged to be mindful. I find many times each day when my mindfulness slips, as I’m sure we all do, but I have seen so much personal progress I continue to try.

Of late, I have noticed a theme as I go through my daily learnings. The theme in a nutshell is that at some point in the past, a decision was made about how things ‘should’ be done, and now we all believe it to be gospel.

I first became aware of this theme in my study of Wicca. Modern Wicca is based upon the writings of one man who wrote his thoughts on what it meant to be Wiccan and that has become the foundation of the modern belief system.

The next time I saw this theme, it related to women shaving their legs. Apparently that was started as a marketing campaign for a razor company. The same is true for diamond rings for engagement…a marketing campaign.

Yet again today I saw this theme relating to the chakras. While the concept itself is mellinia old, when it was translated to English, liberties were taken and it was far from literal. Mention of that was never made in my previous studies of the chakras.

At first this discovery was disconcerting. It showed me that the things I was learning were far from the time tested validated data I had believed them to be. Now that I am seeing this theme everywhere, it has reminded me of a fundamental belief I have always had. Question. If you do not agree, or feel right about information you are learning, feel free to do further research, learn more, question. Always question.

Nothing we know is set in stone. No matter how well known the information may be, how well circulated, or how well established, it is always possible that we are doing what we do simply because one person at one point in time decided to do it that way.


I am slowly learning about and using crystals. I started with Fluorite because I was drawn to it by both its look and what my studies said about it.

Fluorite promotes focus, intuition and understanding. It helps to bring chaos into order, promoting stability, free thinking and clear unbiased reasoning. Fluorite is excellent for the advancement of the mind and aiding in meditation. It is a highly protective stone, and helps defend from outside influences. Fluorite draws away negative energy and stress, cleansing and purifying the body. It works with the following chakras: Heart, Third Eye.

I have often felt that I was not able to properly filter out the emotions of others, and I was drawn to the protectiveness of Fluorite as well as its rumored aid in meditation.

I bought a pendant which I wear anytime I leave the house. It did seem to offer me some level of protection. When I also acquired a bracelet of raw Fluorite, the feeling was much more intense. When I wear the bracelet…I can really feel the difference. On the days when I wear it, I feel so much more centered, focused and far more able to separate my own feelings from those of the people around me.

Yet you will note that I said, ‘on the days when I wear it.’ So why don’t I wear it every day? Consider it a grand experiment. I have tried to remain skeptical of the crystal’s effects so that I can make an unbiased [not placebo affect] judgement. It is time to draw my conclusions. For me Fluorite works. I will add the bracelet to my daily wear.

Pondering the Elements

This morning I was reading one of my books on Wicca. It indicated that the elements are associated with different symbols and directions. It also indicated that the elements are associated with the masculine or the feminine. That gave me pause for thought.


Why is each element assigned to the masculine OR the feminine? Why isn’t each element of both, or of neither? When I look at the descriptions: Earth is the element of stability, foundations and the body and is the realm of wisdom, knowledge, strength, growth and prosperity; Water is the element of emotion and subconscious, of purification, intuition, mysteries of the self, compassion and family as well as psychic ability; Fire contains aspects of change, passion, creativity, motivation, will power, drive and sensuality; Air governs the magic of the four winds and is the vital spirit passing through all things, giving life to all things, moving and filling all things.

Now, reading that, do you decide that Earth, Water, Air and Fire are either feminine or masculine? Why the stereotyping? Why the dichotomy? As we have each of these within ourselves, they each rely on the other. There is no demarcation line between one and the other.

So I propose that rather than try to force the elements into our own contrived labels, we accept that everything is one and release our own labels. I can celebrate and honor the elements without labels. I can acknowledge and cherish their many aspects, I can invite them into my ceremony with symbols, and I know that these symbols are only representational. In this way I accept both the elements and every being for the way they exist in the moment.


Meditation is a suggested part of Paganism, yoga and a number of other spiritual practices. In fact, if you read enough you will see that one of the purposes of the asanas [yoga movements] is to prepare your body for meditation. It does this by creating space in your body, but also by helping to create a focus on the present…a mindfulness.

Meditation has been a difficult practice for me. The meditation itself is not a challenge, but justifying the time spent ‘doing nothing’ has been. I mean really, if you spend 15 minutes meditating a day, you will see the benefits, but how can I justify wasting 15 minutes like that?

The irony is that I generally have that argument with myself while watching TV. Now I personally am not a big TV person. So why do I watch? My children [young ladies really] do watch TV. There are many reasons; to fit in, to have a basis for connection with friends, as inspiration. They don’t generally watch train wreck TV, but the fact is that it’s on more than I would like. So the problem for me comes in because if I do not watch their shows, then I do not have that understanding, that basis for communication, that a shared experience brings.

I need to make the time and space for myself as well. I need to accept my need to meditate and do yoga daily. I need to treat myself with as much respect and interest as I do my daughters. They are my daughters and I love them deeply, however, I need to love myself just as deeply. This is a difficult lesson and I have had to learn and re-learn it hundreds of times already in my lifetime.

What does it mean to be Pagan?

I have been on a quest to explore my own spirituality. I have my own beliefs but being surrounded by a sea of organized religions that don’t agree with my beliefs had led me to conclude that I stood alone. For years I stopped looking.

I have always been different from others…but at the same time I have been afraid of that label because it can be so frightening to be a part of a fringe group, or even to simply feel alone in the world. A number of my friends have been Wiccan so I decided to start my search there.

In a number of ways I agree with the precepts of Wicca. I do believe that everything is interconnected. I do believe that we need to care for the Earth and all her inhabitants. I do believe that we can help direct the energy that exists all around us. When I discovered that solitary practitioners are a valid option, I knew I was so close to home with this label.

I do not believe in multiple gods and goddesses. I believe in a Universal consciousness. I do not believe in reincarnation when defined as I have had past lives, rather I believe in recycled consciousness. I think our personal energy is released to rejoin the Universe and that pieces of who we are will then be used in the formation of something new. These are not strictly Wiccan beliefs. I will say that Wicca seems to be one of the most open, welcoming and accepting groups I have ever read about, and so I do feel that I would be welcome to call myself Wiccan. Wicca also has many traditions and while my personal beliefs may not fit a current label, there is room for me to create my own brand.

Believing in precise labels though, I do not know that I can call myself Wiccan if for no other reason than I do not fit the original beliefs of the Wiccan school(s) of thought.

It is stated that all Wiccans are Pagan but not all Pagans are Wiccan. The term Pagan is basically a catch all for non-Abrahamic religions. It encompasses, therefore, a great number of organized, and unorganized religions. I am definitely Pagan, but that label seems too broad.

And so the research continues…