this dance

it’s been a year since
we last saw each other.
you have know me for over
ten years, yet you cannot
remember my interests
or anything about my life.
you wink and proposition
as you have for a
decade now with the same
polite refusal from me.
i know the steps to
this dance.


dream a little dream
of blue skies and sunshine
if you enjoy that sort of thing
or maybe of new video games
reality shows, sports, or
fashion shows. your dreams are,
after all, up to you.


i want to be a hero.
where to i begin?
i should probably start
small and be a super hero


you don’t see that as
starting small? let me explain.
when you are super, it’s
easier to be a hero.
it’s less scary to jump
in front of a bullet if you’re
invulnerable. that’s super.
if you jump knowing you can
die, that’s a hero.

better to start small.

same old

another day of
same old, same old.
get up, go to work,
handle fires, answer
email, write up detailed
see the new flowers
emerging, feel the sun
on your face, laugh with
friends, enjoy the commute
it’s lighter than usual.
another day of
same old, same old


days blend into one
seamless, never ending
river of sameness.
why is that bad if
you appreciate that day?
adventure, excitement, or
adrenaline will only
lead to burn out if they
fill up each day.
why is that good if
you need it to feel complete?