Phase 1: Diet

So I have never been a huge exercise/gym/organized sports person. I opted out in school. Being an introvert, team sports didn’t work for me. I don’t like gyms for all the same reasons, and exercise…wow…it doesn’t sound fun, does it? I also know from my extensive reading on health related science that the largest part of being healthy is what you put into your system. So. I started with diet.*

I had what I considered a relatively healthy diet. I was generally vegetarian. I ate my vegetables. I ate fruit. I very rarely ate meat [even I can’t pass up Thanksgiving turkey]. I felt that there was room for improvement though, so I started looking. I had been following Kris Carr for about a year. I love her attitude and I had been using her smoothie recipes. It turns out that I was in luck. It was time for her 21 day Crazy, Sexy You program. I took the leap.

Now, I’m not usually one to leap. I generally read, plan, and think rather than doing. This time though I did it. I bought the program and jumped in. The recipes were great, the directions were wonderful, and the program was worth every penny. She had full shopping lists for each week, complete lists of substitutions, ideas on where to get more obscure ingredients, things you can expect, and much more.

Thank goodness the program is vegan because at about that same time I took an intolerance test where I sent in a few strands of hair and got a report on what foods might cause some intolerance in my system. A week into the program I found out that I needed to remove soy and dairy. The program already had adjustments to remove those items, so I was set.

Twenty-one days later, I felt amazing. I had so much energy, and my body felt whole and ready to move for the first time in decades! The combination of the vegan diet and avoiding my food intolerances was eye opening. I had a moment of ‘how much different would my life be if only I had found this 20 years ago’, but it was short lived in my excitement at sleeping so well, and having so much energy.

*By diet I mean what you eat, not a fancy system of how to eat to lose weight.

Quest for Health

This year has been all about my quest for health. I started in May with a 21-day vegan diet, which surprised me by how delicious it was once I figured out the new ingredients. Then I moved to an intolerance testing for food and further refined my diet [and by diet I mean food I eat, not trying to lose weight]. I also joined a fitness center and started with the weight machines. Two weeks ago I signed up for NerdFitness and started their training program. Wow. It’s a tough training routine, but I am loving it. I am not one for exercise, or for weight training, but this has been simple and effective. I feel great! I feel stronger and I definitely have more energy after all these changes. I am going to work to get more about the changes I have made written here to share with those who might want to make a similar change in their life, and to chronicle my experiences.